Welcome to my site, thanks for visiting!  I am a technically trained and accredited makeup artist with experience in enhancing the natural beauty that lies within all of us.  I specialize in those extra special occaisions where you want to look your very best.  Whether it be your dream wedding, graduation ceremonies or photos, exciting first date or just a special girl's night out, Blushworks Design will be there to make sure that you are looking your very best when it matters most.

 With contacts throughout the cosmetic and beauty industry, I am able to refer some of my most talented colleagues to help you with other aspects of your event preparation. They may have portfolios of their own but some of their work can also be viewed in my photo gallery.  For more information on these wonderful and talented people, please visit my "Blushwork Buddies" page.

 I do not work for any one cosmetic company and do not endorse any specific brand of product.  What I do love to do is explore new items, review them and give feedback to all of my friends about what I do (and don't) like about the product I'm testing out.  I also love to give cosmetic tips and answer any makeup or cosmetic related questions. Visit my Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/edit/?id=108513505841053#!/pages/Beauty-Blogger/108513505841053 or for a special treat, check in at my blog:  http://productpimpette.blogspot.com/

I attended and graduated from The Blanche MacDonald Centre in 2003 with a diploma in Makeup Artistry and Applied Design.  I have spent the past few years getting married (yes, it's a process...), having a very demanding but undeniably adorable little girl (also a process...) and testing out the many cosmetic products available at both public and specialty stores (to the chagrin of my husband but to the pleasure of Mr. Visa).  During this busy time I specialized in doing session work for close friends and family on their wedding days, graduations and other special occaisions.  I orginally got into the industry because I loved the ability to make others feel better about themselves.  There aren't many things that compare to looking at someone and knowing that you have made them feel beautiful. 
I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for visiting!
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